A veteran warrior and mercenary captain that now leads the militia of the New Model Colony.


All that is known is that he is a graying man, yet still possessed of famously great physical prowess- including a master of weapon and techniques that beggars the imagination of lesser men.  He leads a mercenary army of significant size, which is now the colonial militia.


Kellion is one of the younger sons of a petty Old World nobleman, one that wisely decided early to heed his father's advice to master all of the war-making ways that his father taught to him because Kellion had no inherentance coming.  At first serving under an aging friend of his father as a trouble-shooter, Kellion went his own way once one of the incessant petty wars erupted and volunteered to represent his old man to his lord.

During that war, Kellion joined with similarly disillusioned young men and fell under the banner of a noted mercenary captain.  When that war concluded, and his masters slain by his enemies, Kellion took up small-scale mercenary adventuring.  This pursuit lead to him joining with his current companions and the long career of exploration, wars and other adventures.  It was in the latter phase that Kellion met The Artificer and through him finally achieved the long-held ambition that was to become the master of his own domain.

Now he leads a mercenary army that doubles as the militia of the New Model Colony.  The Artificer supplies himself and his men with the firepower necessary to safeguard the colony while he trains all comers for fair compensation; he's quite happy with the situation, for now, but seeks greater glory still to cement his name in history.


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