The Artificer

The mysterious outsider whose skills at crafting and engineering made him famous in the last war.


All that is initially known is that he is skilled at creating items, is not a magician, is a fit man and possesses an aggressive intellect.


No one knows where The Artificer came from, not even his allies in the New Model Colony.  Everyone knows that The Artificer got his name from the creations that he, through his adventuring allies, used to win the recent war: firearms, explosives and artillery.  With these in hand, his adventuring company quickly raised and trained an army of markmen and artillerists that, combined with the infantry and cavalry already on hand, made quick work of heretofore believed invincible hordes.

 Rather than surrender these to the coalition of monarchs and other oligarchs that led the winning side, The Artificer, sensing what they intended to do with them, he and his allies stole away with them all to parts unknown.  With their recent reappearance, and the debut of the New Model Colony, the Old World's ruling powers now scramble to see what this enigmatic figure intends to do with his creations.

 In the Colony, he is one of the five figures that comprise the body that governs the Colony, his allies are the other four, and he now provides his creations to the entities that run the government and make its wondrous prosperity possible.

The Artificer

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