New Model Colony

An Ancient Ruin Discovered

As a direct result of the mine exploration, another party followed the clues uncovered at the mine to a heretofore undiscovered ruin of an ancient city buried beneath a mountain.  The Colonial Assembly let a wave of colonists form adventuring companies to explore the ruins in return for a percentage of the value of any treasure uncovered.  The Order of the Cleansing Dawn also set up a shrine at the gates to let the adventurers quickly recover from their delves into the ruins.

The surviving party that solved the mine mystery joined the action in the ruins, and through some combination of accident and knowledge found their way to a temple complex somewhere deep within the city complex.  They found a shirt and bracer that complimented a sword found in their previous adventure, and learned that their impression of the two alien races previously discovered—mutual hostility—turned out to be correct when the sword and the mace previously recovered reacted negatively to each other.

After a run-in with some giant vermin, which disabled the militiaman, they retreated to the surface and then returned to the city to recover and prepare for another expedition into the ruined city.

The Mystery of the Mine

Two colonists followed three previous parties into a discovered shaft that a local mining concern accidentally broke into recently.  Following the previous parties down, they found a small five-room complex- all underground, yet possesses of constant fresh air.

The center room consisted of shaped stone in a square shape that had open arches in each wall and a central statue figure.  The figure is that a beautiful androgenous near-human figure holding in its two hands a unstoppered flask.  A plaque, in its tongue, seems to be a name plaque; it reads "GISH".

On each wall is a series of murals, mostly faded by time, depicting the figure first wielding weapons in war, then wielding magic in war, then doing both simultaneously and finally teaching others like him how to do so themselves.

Each of the four other rooms, connected by corridors also shaped out of the stone (as are these rooms), is a dome-shaped room; all of them have concealed places for storing things like scrolls or sword-sized weapons (depending upon the room).

One of the room is shaped for sound, one room is shaped for using magic,another room is meant for martial training, another party is dead here, and the last room is for contacting spiritial entities.

The colonists recovered artifacts from the slain reptilians as well as journals and treasure from the slain parties and artifacts from the uncovered complex itself- most promising being an ornate sword.

There was no combat, nor any difficulty with traps, this time.


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