This is a D&D campaign with old-school sensibilities, run under the Mentzer version of D&D—aka BECMI or Rules Cyclopedia—which is now available in the form of a retro-clone called "Dark Dungeons".  (The "D&D 1.0" is a placeholder.)

Players are expected to make the most of the sandbox environment, and the rules are the toolkit used to make it work.  Player-characters are, initially, limited to one race (Human) and four basic classes (Cleric, Fighter, Magic-User, Thief); additional options, if in the game, must be discovered and successfully incorporated into Colonial society to become playable.

As this is an old-school style of campaign, expect house rules that enforce the old-school look and feel.  Think Sword & Sorcery or Pulp Fantasy, not High Fantasy.  Think exploration and discovery within a milieu, not set adventure paths or Forgite crap.  No Chosen Ones, no grand prophecies, no destiny or fate other than you make for youself.

The New Model Colony is about making your own life, not accepting what you're given- that's the Old World. If you're wanting to take up that challenge, with no guarantee of survival (let alone success), this is for you.

(There is also a Facebook group for this campaign.) 

New Model Colony